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Crazy Tiger 🐯 Writer ✍️ in China 🇨🇳 - Part I: The Bookstore

December 13, 2019 | Book Signing

  1. Recently, we had the pleasure to discover a less touristy part of China and to interact with pleasant, kind, and cultured people during our very short stay in the Zhejiang province and more particularly the picturesque city of Shaoxing . What makes this place so special is that it captures a part of Chinese history with its ancient bridges and traditional architecture and combines these beautiful relics of the past with our modern age. At times, I felt I was stepping into the Song Dynasty and could imagine the women walking down the cobblestone paths, their long sleeves and gowns flowing to the trickling of the river.

  2. Prior to indulging in our overseas excursions, we had to fulfill one of the main reasons for our visit which was the launching of our book in a surprisingly, wonderful place ...the Huang Yuan book store.

The Huang Yuan Bookstore is located in Ba Zi Qiao Zhi Jie #102, Shaoxing, right across the street from the St. Joseph’s Church built in in 1871.

From the terrace of the book store, you can see and appreciate the Roman style of the pink church.

The traditional roofs surrounding the bookstore have so much charm, texture and beauty that we couldn't resist to take a picture of them.

Upon entering the Huang Yuan Shu Dian, one notices spaciousness, openness, and brightness. Also the entire place from ceiling to floor was made entirely of wood and felt so authentic and beautiful that it made you want to stay there. The owner of the book store is a very passionate man who, like us, lives for books.

We are so honored that the Huang Yuan Bookstore in Shaoxing, China will be carrying our book, "the CLOUD that fell from the sky." For any bookstore to give our book a place on the shelf is in itself very humbling, and we are so grateful just for the opportunity for our writing and art to be shared with others.

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