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Crazy Tiger 🐯 Writer ✍️ in China 🇨🇳: Shanghai then Shaoxing 📸

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Judy Choi Francis George Book Launch Shenzhen China Book Signing Writer French Photographer

It would not be a Tigrefou expedition without a photoshoot!  Shanghai's modernity was the perfect location for what I would call my "metal, space punk" outfit.  One of the warnings from my family, that I did not heed, was to not stand out and be different.  Wanting to be mindful of the cultural and societal limits, I asked my cousin, who is a Mainland native, if it would be okay to dress up and take pictures.  Being a bit of a rebel herself, she thought it would be great to expose people to something that might be out of the ordinary, and that people would probably just think I was weird.

It was interesting to note that without a context to place why a person might dress up in such an outfit, people did tend to move away from me.  However, once there was a photographer, it was considered acceptable to dress in such a manner.  Overall, we had a great time and the images taken will be revealed at a later date 😜.

Judy Choi Francis George Tigrefou Editions Publisher Printer Clouds Visiting Shenzhen China Book Tour Launch Shanghai Julia Hu Eating Noodles at in Shaoxing


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