• Judy Choi


Updated: Jun 12, 2020

It is remarkable to see so many people from every walk of life, and especially the younger generation, out in the streets defending the rights and hopes of an entire country for a better future, whether it is for social justice or to protest against racism, the inaccessibility of education, or global warming. They have been courageous by demonstrating in the the streets and taking enormous risks to defend these ideals and their aspirations for a better America. Their voices have been heard and felt so strongly that it has become an international coalition that proves change needs to happen now and that discrimination and racism can no longer be ignored and must be challenged and defeated.

As a new book publisher, we have created our company to approach those very issues in our future publications and artworks. We have always been worried about the status quo and the tone deafness of modern life throughout the world and particularly in America and we constantly research how to approach those topics. We are small and probably idealistic, and there is no other way around but to be a contributing voice for the marginalized, the ignored, and the bullied. We also want to draw attention to the very important issues of global warming, inequality, racism, intolerance, and violence. In order to help shape a better future, our way of doing things is to craft or tell stories that bring awareness to those very serious issues in a creative and original way that is our own vision. The consideration of whether something is commercial or not isn't a part of our process or agenda. That being said, individually, we are absolutely outraged by the real violence and repressive abuses from the organizations who are supposed to protect and serve us and also by the complete blindness and lack of compassion from a repeatedly failing government, whether it is in education, economic policies, diplomacy, environment, information, healthcare, homelessness, and social justice in particular.

It has become impossible for a company to remain silent, apolitical or indifferent to all those issues and organizations that do not address them are doomed and will eventually fail, simply because the people in the street protesting are or will possibly be your customers.

The protesters expressing their outrage are concerned citizens and if they are not heard or understood enough, the American society and liberties will collapse.

Seeing the protesters from all the different countries united in their desire for change is an absolute relief and does bring hope for a better future.

Support them and acknowledge them, dialogue is always better than brutal repression.

#blacklivesmatter #justice #equality

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