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Chinese American Poet, Writer & Club Kid

Judy Choi is a Chinese American author who draws inspiration for her writing from her life experiences.  Growing up, she struggled to follow Chinese cultural norms while trying to fit into American society, and discovered she did not fit into either.  At the age of 19, she rebelled against both and became a Club Kid, a counterculture movement defined by nightlife and outrageousness, both in behavior and fashion.  After seven years of professionally partying, she returned to school, where she graduated cum laude from the University of Colorado with a degree in English and Psychology and a Masters from Harvard in Psychology.  She currently works full time and devotes her free time to writing and making beautiful books.

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French Art Photographer, Economist Dilettante & Creative Director & Art Direction

French native, Francis George, believes that photography is in a perpetual state of change.  With over 30 years of experience and the combination of traditional and modern techniques, Mr. George's masterful command of light, film, and digital media has produced countless award-winning images through the National Advertising Federation and the AIGA.  His photos have been published in many magazines and now his focus is producing visual art, books and branding services.

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Poet, Writer & Artist

In words, there can be found solace and in writing, an escape from solitude. Twenty-year old Phoenix Brown began writing poetry as a teenager to cope with the absence of her parents from her life due to their drug addiction. Often somber and dark, her poetry traverses through the mindset of an adolescent slowly becoming an adult as she confronts her harrowing past, tumultuous present, and an uncertain future.

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Brazilian native, Mami Awamura is an art director whose expertise in print design has produced numerous elaborate and elegant publications. In creating conceptual art books and magazines, she incorporates both art and science to produce innovative and meticulous visual interpretations and presentations of literary works. Her thinking process and passion for details have elevated Tigrefou to another level in its original publishing endeavors. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering and studied Graphic Design at Miami Ad School.


We approach books as art pieces. All text and photography, as well as the book design, has an intention and represents each artist's interpretation of the words or subject matters.  Our books are hand sewn using traditional Chinese book binding techniques which creates a unique, beautiful aesthetic but also symbolizes how the writers are bound to two very distinct, and often polarizing cultures, that have resulted in a struggle to find their individual voices amongst the Chinese value of collective identity. 

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