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We are so honored to have our book, "the CLOUD that fell from the sky," reviewed by Dr. Pravir Malik, author of 16 books focusing on the Cosmology of Light. Thank you again Dr. Malik for your thoughtful and thorough review.

Review of The Cloud That Fell from the Sky by Dr. Pravir Malik

That sadness can create beauty is a triumph of the human soul. And this book does precisely that. It creates beauty through a sublimation of emotions that have been spurred by the raw human condition.

The beauty is multi-fold. First is the chosen expression of sorrow that has a rare quality to it. It is easiest to translate sorrow into an expression of personal dejection and worthlessness. In this book though sorrow gets translated by a deep and even mystical association with phenomena and processes of nature…

“Today I saw the sun melt orange…I thought I might want to fly to peel the clouds one by one…it was not as lonely as I thought for I saw myself in you”

Association with nature already has a transcendent quality to it. To choose to do this in the face of sorrow where it is easier to get lost in the endlessness of individual smallness, transmutes it into something else. There comes a feeling of the intimacy with something far bigger and this in itself is freeing. In this aspect this book has a profound practical aspect in that it offers a path to deal with conditions such as raw sorrow.

Second, the expression of sorrow into poetic form more finely attunes one to the deeper sensibilities of the human heart, and in that opening there is a rare quality of inner freedom that is also offered. The reader who so awakens to this subtle movement cannot but find themselves in touch with a deeper mystery that animates all things.

Thirdly, the beauty is translated into stunning images captured through photographs. It is to be highly complimented that the poetic verses are captured so intimately and precisely by the accompanying illustrations, that by themselves also have an uplifting quality to them.

In contemplating this creation I am reminded of a favorite epic of mine, Savitri, from the Mahabharatha, rendered into mystic poetry by Sri Aurobindo. There are lines of triumph in this poem and some lines from one such passage is when Savitri is in conversation with Death –

“I bow not to thee, O huge mask of death,

Black lie of night to the cowed soul of man…

Conscious of immortality I walk…

My unwept tears have turned to pearls of strength”

I recalled these lines when poring over this book that also strikes me as a poignant pearl to be cherished.

Pravir Malik, author of Cosmology of Light, reading poetry book by Judy Choi, Phoenix Brown, Francis George at Zappos
Dr. Pravir Malik reading "the CLOUD that fell from the sky"


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