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Updated: Dec 30, 2020

A little fun during our photoshoot for our upcoming New Years Eve holiday's going to be a kaleidoscope of craziness...stay tuned...

There's a lot of work and preparation that goes into a photoshoot just to get the right shot.

Here's a little behind the scenes video of us having some fun and dancing to DJ Koolaid during our Christmas Elf Reindeer photoshoot with Francis George.

Photoshoot with DJ Koolaid Judy Choi Francis George Tigrefou Editions Rave Club Kid Techno

There's nothing like DJ Koolaid's techno and house music to pump up the energy on set.

I've known Koolaid since the 1990s during the my club kid heydays and he was one of the pioneers of the LA underground dance music scene and known for throwing some of the most epic raves, Electric Daisy Carnival, Alice's House and Double Hit Mickey to name a few. He's worked on remixes with Bjork to Marilyn Manson to Kitaro. Mr. Koolaid has managed a prolific international music career. It's been so much fun collaborating with Koolaid, from aliens partying in DTLA, clowns on a stage at Hard Summer, to pink black light bunnies in an underground warehouse, it is always a party where ever he's playing.

You can check out his weekly music show on his Twitch channels below.

DJ Koolaid with Judy Choi of Tigrefou Editions Francis George french photographer Sublevel Doc Martin Los Angeles Catch One
DJ Koolaid with the Koolaid Clown Posse at Sublevel Catch One Residency w/ Doc Martin


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