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📝 Kicking off Poetry Month at Hillsides Educational Center 💛

Thank you so much to Sherri Ginsberg of Hillsides Educational Center for inviting Phoenix and me to kickstart April's poetry month for Hillsides students. Hillsides is a school that is dedicated to healing children and young adults and for Phoenix and I to be able to have an opportunity to share the story of our book with the students was so special. If you were to ask what the purpose of writing is, for me, it is about sharing your experiences so that others know they are not alone and to be able to inspire others.

I was so proud of Phoenix as she read her poems to the students and explained the inspiration behind each one. She was able to connect with the students and they were very engaged during the Q&A session. Great job Phoenix!

I also want to take the time to recognize Sherri Ginsberg, who was named as one of the top 10 librarians in the United States by the American Library Association. She reads 10-20 books a week and curates the library's collection personally. In addition, Ms. Ginsberg brings in guest speakers, writers, and song writers including the likes of Henry Winkler, Marlee Matlin, Kristi Yamaguchi, Laura Numeroff, and Catherine Linka, and Shannon Messenger. She goes out of her way to inspire the students to live to their fullest potential.

Thank you again to Sherri Ginsberg, the students, and to Hillsides for a lovely afternoon.

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