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Updated: Dec 28, 2020

You would never think the life of a poet could be full of fun-filled adventures. We met Mykee Cee a.k.a. Hungry Hippo at the L.A. Times Festival of Books during our book signing for Kinokuniya. We were in a middle of a photoshoot and Mykee Cee wanted to learn more about our book and what Tigrefou Editions was about. We explained that Tigrefou Editions is about the freedom of creative expression. He was nice enough to dance with our book "the CLOUD that fell from the sky" and also give me a popping lesson (Sorry 🤖 - I know my rendition of the robot was abysmal 😬 but I had a lot of fun trying).

We also had a fun photo of our photoshoot. Photographer Ian Irizarry happened to be walking by and took this picture, much like in the 1895 french movie "L'Arroseur arrosé" much fun that day!

book signing for kinokuniya la times festival of books 2019 judy choi phoenix brown francis george the cloud that fell from the sky poetry book abstract photography chinese women writers
Ian Irizarry photographing Tigrefou Editions at LA Times Book Festival

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