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Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Protect others by protecting yourself and vice versa...hopefully this will not be the fashion of the future.

📸 Photo by Francis George  

#socialdistancing #coronavirus #COVID19 #WHO #masks #pandemic #社会的距離 #コロナウイルス #パンデミック #マスク #検疫 #physicaldistancing photoshoot by award winning photographer Francis George of Judy Choi selling on Saatchi Art Gallery to an art collector

When we first conceptualized this photo about a year ago, it was in reaction to gun violence and we were proposing it as fashion of the future, not realizing that a year later, it would become fashion of the present and as a way to eventually save lives.

At first it was social distancing...then it became physical distancing.

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Apr 03, 2020

Love This! Oh, wait. I mean I don't love this, but love so much ze powerful grace du graphique! Judy makes it all loveble anyway~ #pinkventillator #judychoi

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