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Updated: Dec 28, 2020

We are so honored to have our book, "the CLOUD that fell from the sky," reviewed by Professor Douglas Burger from the University of Colorado's Department of English. It is even more meaningful to me, as a former student who was inspired by Professor Burger and whose charisma in the classroom, passion for teaching, and love for literature inspired me to become a writer. Thank you again Professor Burger for your review.

Review of "the CLOUD that fell from the sky" by Professor Douglas A. Burger

"First of all, as an artifact, the book is stunningly beautiful.   The pictorial images and the poems interact in a strikingly effective way.  It is remarkable.  The poetry itself is extremely interesting—and surprising.  Several of the poems start out with a kind of pleasing conventionality, and then switch into something disconcerting,  unnerving –and it is this that constitutes the value and strength of the poetry – it has a really vivid originality.  Look at the title itself: clouds do not ordinarily fall, snowflakes are not ordinarily sweet, the fabric and skin connection in the later sections are likewise really startling and insightful. 

      The formation of the poems on the page is excellent—for example, the cloud floats (but “away” or “a way”.  The shortness of the lines carves out the distinctive ideas. 

Congratulations.  This is splendid work."

Professor Douglas Burger of CU Boulder reviews "the CLOUD that fell from the sky"
Professor Douglas Burger CU Boulder English Department


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