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Book Review -Sherri Ginsberg of Hillsides Education Center 🌻📚

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Judy Choi Phoenix Brown Francis George Book Reviews from Sherri Ginsberg Library Hillsides Pasadena California

Thank you so much to Sherri Ginsberg for her review of "the CLOUD that fell from the sky."

"I am a librarian at a private therapeutic school in Pasadena.  I went to Vromans bookstore to hear an author and surprisingly and delightfully found myself listening to another author who was reading there, Judy Choi.  The background of the book and its contents were so intriguing and her reading of some of the poems was so mesmerizing that I was drawn to email her and ask if Judy would visit my library and share her poetry with our students.

I conduct poetry workshops every year with a variety of poets because the writing for these students is incredibly special and transforming.  They write from their hearts, about their past experiences and their future.  Some of them are heartbreaking.  However, the students are given a tool to process their feelings which empowers them.  Although, I do not give them homework, they choose to go home and write their own poetry and bring them in to show me.  It is a wonderful experience.

Judy and Phoenix came to our library one day and several weeks later the students are still talking about their book.  They said they didn't think anyone thought like they did until they heard the women speak and read from this gorgeous book.  The poems are compact but so filled with meaning and the beautiful photographs that accompany this book make it a masterpiece.

I can't wait to read their next book."


Sherri/Hillsides librarian

Ms. Ginsberg is the librarian at Hillsides Education Center, a school and residential program for students with behavioral, socio-emotional, and learning challenges. She was recognized as one of the top librarians by the American Library Association for her dedication to the students and turning the library into a place where children can learn, create, and be inspired. She reads 10 - 20 books a week and has personally curated the collection of 11,000 books.

We feel so fortunate to have crossed paths with such a selfless individual whose mission in life has been to change the lives of others. It only takes one person to make a difference in another's life. Thank you to Sherri for making a difference in this world one child at a time! ☀️ 💛


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