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🐅📚Featured art card for sale: LACHRYMAL 💧

Water, in its many forms, is a common theme throughout the poetry of Judy Choi in "the CLOUD that fell from the sky" and the upcoming book "When Tomorrow Hesitates."

As Judy explains: "Water, for me, is synonymous for love. It exists in many states and it is necessary for life, yet you can float on it, tread thru it, and even drown in it. There are many types of love...some are selfish and others are too giving. The best love is when you can love yourself enough to be able to share yourself with another without having to give up your sense of self while granting others their sense of beingness."

Francis George captures the vacillation and tumultuousness of love when trying to decide between holding onto or letting go of a loved one in his image "LACHRYMAL." The direction of the water is intentionally ambiguous and whether it is moving upwards or downwards is subject to the interpretation.

Now available on 🐯!

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