• Judy Choi

🤗 L.A. Times & Kinokuniya Book Signing 📚✍️ Day 1

What a wonderful day we had at the L.A. Times Festival of Books and Kinokuniya. We had a great turnout and met so many new friends, book lovers, and poetry aficionados. Thank you so much to all of you who stopped by to show your support and many kind thanks to Cecil Brown and Kinokuniya for having us as part of their author series. We had so much fun and we are looking forward to Day 2. See you on Sunday at 12pm at Kinokuniya Booth 84! ☺️📖

Judy Choi, Cecil Brown, & Phoenix Brown at the Kinokunya Booth for LA Times Book Festival

L.A. Times Book Festival goers stop at the Kinokuniya booth to meet Judy Choi and Phoenix Brown of Tigrefou Editions

Judy Choi and Phoenix Brown with festival goers at L.A. Times Book Fair

  • judy Choi/TIGREFOU Editions

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Photography by Francis George