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What Our Readers Are Saying! 🙌 📚

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Thank you to Kimiko Cobb of Beauty by Miko for supporting our book and for her nice review of "the CLOUD that fell from the sky." We are always so touched when our readers reach out and let us know how the book has impacted them.

"Dearest Judy,

I have been saving your book like a present on Christmas day. First I had it sitting in my favorite chair then I put it on top of my pile of favorite books near a big fluffy pillow. I would wistfully walk by it many busy days… Finally, this morning I carefully admired this beautiful book and all of its words and visual words (my fave 📷). It is so touching and so blessed with shabda. Thank you for this beautiful’s so special ♥️"

Judy Choi Kimiko Cobb Beauty by Miko Francis George Book Review Photography Writer


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